Romanian E-commerce

2017-10-17 12:30:00

Romania has a very developed IT infrastructure. According to international surveys, Romania ranks number 1 in Europe as fas as the internet broadband speed goes - 55.54 Mbps.

Romania has 11.2 million internet users and around 5,000 active online shops.

Based on GDP growth, above EU average (more than 4,8% in 2016) and VAT reduction from 24% to 19%, the ppulation income increased and therefore the retail expanded with 12% in value in 2016.

This also reflected in the e-commerce as well. An online buyer made an average of 8.4 purchases in the past year - an increase compared to 2015 when the average was 8.2 but also compared to 2014 when the figure was 8.1 purchases/year.