Press release JD AGRO COCORA

2018-09-20 13:00:00

Cultivating the land, we grow the community
„There’s strength in numbers”, as the saying goes. And when everybody contributes to the common good, then life becomes better for everyone.  In return for the fellow citizens’ involvement, JD Agro Cocora gives back to the local community, a part of the benefits obtained through the activity unfolded in Ialomita and Constanta counties.

Supporting local hobbies
One of JD Agro Cocora’s principles is to support the new generation by ensuring best development conditions. That is the reason why, our company has supported the young sports, with sponsorships of the football teams Luceafărul Amzacea and AS Pelinul (Comana commune), helping this way the local aspiring players whose momentum and professional ascension have been impulsed.

School year starts with a gift
Especially in the rural area, children must be sustained to go to school. In this regard, starting 10th of September we continue a project previously initiated – “ Back to School” offering pupils fully equipped schoolbags. The recipients are the pupils studying at schools in Cocora, Reviga  (Ialomița county ), Amzacea, Plopeni, Chirnogeni (jud. Constanța).  Also, the pupils from Valea Măcrișului (Ialomița county) will start the school year with supplies offered by our company, in this commune our project is unfolding through  Agri Gain farm, one of JD Agro Cocora’s units.

Our support does not stop here
Our next local initiative consists in renovating the school in Plopeni, Constanta county. The project is currently going through final approval stage and it is scheduled to start during October school break.

About JD Agro Cocora
JD Agro Cocora S.R.L. is part of Romania Farm Invest A/S whose main activity is growing grains. Currently, we are operating 10.500 hectares in Ialomita and Constanta counties. Our company has created a team of agricultural specialists in Romania and employed inhabitants from Constanta and Ialomita counties, creating new jobs. Also, JD Agro Cocora has international expertise in agricultural development, resulting in highest standards cultivation of Romanian fields.

Construction of the farm finished in 2009. The farm consists of a 3.450m² hall for machines, space for chemical substances and administration, as well as a  2.550m² hall that serves as grain storage with an 8,000-ton capacity and a grain dryer with a 85 tons per hour capacity. There are additional outdoor silos with a 32,000-ton capacity, bringing the total storage capability to 40,000 tons.
We encourage Romanian land owners to lease their land to our company, as we offer a fair value of the lease, being surely paid and on time. For more details, please visit our website and contact JD Agro Cocora’s representatives.