Centrul Medical Transilvania

Address: Viilor 54 Cluj Napoca , Romania

Telephone: 0040 364405100

Fax: 0040 364405105

Email: info@cmtransilvania.ro

Web: www.cmtransilvania.ro

Centrul Medical Transilvania

•Transylvania Medical Center, the newest and one of the most modern clinics in Cluj-Napoca, opened on the 20/05/2011. The medical center operates a two-storey building with a total area of 900 sqm.
•The investment amount of  EUR 3 million belongs to the Danish doctors Khaled Arif and Daria Arif. •Patients will benefit from care, provided by trained medical personnel and high performance equipment.
•Transylvania Medical Center offers medical imaging services to patients, modern high-performance ultrasounds, mammography, CT, MRI, laboratory tests and ten medical specialties.
•A medical team consisting of over 40 physicians, licensed technicians in radiology and imaging, nurses, all with high professional qualifications and extensive experience in both public and private sector is working at the center.
•The professional experience acquired in Denmark and Norway, and Scandinavian medical philosophy will be implemented in the medical act of Transylvania Medical Center, focusing on the medical side. The financial aspect is not a priority.
•In the next period we plan to equip the clinic with an operating room.